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“I was so over feeling like I was in prison every time I went to have a shower, so we got a Frameless Shower Screen, Now I’m free from the prison of my bathroom” – Sarah Hall

Your bathroom is the centrepiece of your home and a frameless shower screen is the centrepiece of your bathroom.

If you’re bathroom is in desperate need of an upgrade, then frameless shower screens installed by our expert glaziers is the exact solution you’re looking for. Frameless shower screens are the ultimate in style and luxury with an elegant simplicity that offers a spacious and gorgeous look that is unmatched in performance and style.

No longer a luxury, now a necessity

Frameless Shower Screens were once thought to be out of reach and reserved only for the most luxurious homes in Sydney. But these days many people are choosing frameless as an option in their bathroom for the unmatched quality and style that they bring.
They are perfect for any size bathroom.  In a large space they can add a sense of grandness. While in a small space they can open up the room and create a sense of space.

Look Fabulous

As well as looking fabulous, frameless shower screens can add a great deal of value to your home.
They say bathrooms and kitchens are what makes or breaks a house and in Sydney’s market you cannot afford to have your bathroom let you down.  Having frameless shower screens installed could make the difference in the market that you’re looking for.

Unlimited Range

Because frameless shower screens are so versatile we can customise them to your style and exact specifications.
Whether you are after a contemporary modern look or prefer a more traditional style, we can install your new frameless shower screen into any style bathroom. You can choose from an unlimited range of designs and choices to ensure that your bathroom reflects your personal style.

Completely Flexible

Your shower screen can be square, rectangular or any other shape you’ve chosen. And the shower door can be hinged to the bathroom wall or another piece of glass. If you’ve got a small space and you don’t have room for a hinged door, you can try our new model of sleek sliding doors.

Our range of options is almost endless:


Frameless Shower Screens


Sliding Frameless Shower Screens


Custom Made Screens




Fixed Partition


Over Bath


Wall to Wall

Safe & Sturdy

Safety and quality are at the forefront of every installation of frameless shower screens we complete in Sydney. We use only the highest quality hinges and fittings that are designed to be able to carry the weight of a frameless glass door and operate properly at all times.
Our glass is ‘A-grade’ toughened glass that provides superior strength, giving you piece of mind that your frameless shower screen will be safe and secure for many years to come.

The Benefits

There are many benefits of installing a frameless glass shower screen in your Sydney home:


Create a clean, minimalist look

It’s all about clean lines and minimalism in todays market. A frameless shower screen blends in and draws the eye to other elements of your bathroom.

Affordable Pricing

A frameless shower screen installed in your existing bathroom can update and add value to your home without doing a full bathroom reno.

Easy to Clean

By removing lips and ledges there’s less places for dirt and grime, or even worse – mould, to build up. It’s much easier to keep a frameless shower screen clean.


With a range of colours, shapes, and sizes – the sky is the limit with a frameless shower screen. They fit into your existing style and size of bathroom.
So if you’re looking to update your tired, old bathroom, and add a wow factor to your Sydney home, you should consider installing a new frameless shower screen. Our team can consult with you if you’re unsure of your options, or measure and quote to your exact specifications.
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